Tuesday, December 05, 2006

First Times

There is a first time for everything I've been told. And I had a first time experience this last Friday.

Things were going well at work, lots was getting done, and there were also lots of people there. People kept asking me questions all over the board and I was getting pretty busy. On top of all of that, my cell phone battery died.

So, along comes 5, and I'm ready to get out of there because I'm attending a free Christmas party dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (courtesy of my roommate). I pack up my stuff, walk downstairs, step out the door and OH NO!

I had parked in the street in front of our office. Which is fine until 4PM - then they need the extra lane for rush hour traffic. So they tow you. I pleaded for my car to still be in it's spot but it was gone. A panicky feeling came over me as I walked back upstairs to ask for help. Who do you call in situations like that? Luckly, my friend, who had the same experience, told me what to do and helped me get everything taken care of.

An hour and a half and $144 dollars later my car was once again safetly in my hands!

Let this be a warning to all of you - they came and towed me at 4:56 about 10 minutes before I walked outside. They show no mercy.

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Paul and Linnea said...

How heartbreaking! I'm glad there was someone there who could tell you what to do. There is nothing makes one more heartsick...although some days I wish they'd tow Philippe! Doesn't it make you mad, the amount of $$ they charge?!