Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Pageant Gospel

I know, two posts in one day. Eat it up, I might not have anything to write about for awhile.

While I was still in bed this morning, trying to muster up the energy to brave the cold air outside the blankets I was thinking about the Christmas program we went to see last Friday.

Some of our friends were in the Christmas program at the Nazarene church in Grandview so we decided to go with our families. It was a really good show - not just music but drama added in as well with a choir and an orchestra.

One of the songs/drama parts was about Mary and Joseph wondering why God had chosen them to bring Jesus into the world. They sang about God's ways not being their own, and His plans not being theirs. Then they asked God to lead them and they would follow.

It was a good reminder to me - and I need lots of them - to continue to trust God in the financial situation that Chris and I are in right now. It can really stress me out if I dwell on the facts of the situation. In fact, I think that's why I caught this cold I have right now - from being stressed out and worried last week as we had to pay our first of the month bills even though there was plenty of money in our bank account to do that with.

But God has given us little glimmers of hope throughout this process. Our generous parents doing what they can to encourage us and provide for us, a new job to apply for for either Chris or I, the fact that he has an interview this coming Thursday.

We want him to lead us on in this process and I know deep deep down in my heart that it's for a purpose and a reason - no matter how much it doesn't make sense right now. It's just about trusting that God will never leave us or forsake us.

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