Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Chris and I had a great Easter weekend. Chris has good Friday off (first paid holiday!) and so I took the weekend off too (paid as well).

Friday night we went to the great city of Walla Walla. We stopped at three wineries to do some wine tasting and replenished our wine supply. Probably didn't need to buy a bottle of wine at each place but we did! I have a hard time saying no and tasting without buying....

We went out to dinner at this great restaurant called MillCreek Brewpub. I had one of their specials - pulled pork tacos - which were delicious! It was really fun just to get away for a night and go somewhere that was close by that didn't require a ton of driving time.

Saturday morning after we got up we wandered around downtown Walla Walla for awhile before heading back home. There are some great shops and stores to explore and we'll definitely have to go back soon. We came back home and headed to a wonderful church service for Easter. It was so great to worship and remember all that Jesus has done for us and be reminded of what He's called us to do for Him.

Easter Sunday we headed to Prosser to have dinner with the family. We had a good time eating great food and hanging out and talking. What a great weekend! Pictures to come soon. :)

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Bird said...

Wow, sounds like a great time! I love little towns like WW. :)