Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Sorry for the lack of blogging recently. I have been feeling blah. And it's summertime. Not a great time of year to feel this way. Although not any time of year is good to feel this way.

I think I may be coming off the high we had a few months ago with Chris' new job and then my promotion to my new job. Without realizing it I had expectations that just cannot be met and then I feel disappointed when they aren't met.

My job has been more of a learning curve then I expected. There have just been a couple of rough patches and it's hard for me not to get discouraged. I tend to be a perfectionist and so I let it bother me more then I should when I make a mistake. I know I will get better with time but it's harder to fix accounting mistakes then front desk mistakes!

I also didn't realize just how busy Chis would be with his new job. I have complained about it a lot and realized that I shouldn't. He loves what he does and he works long hours because he knows it will pay off. Plus I'm thankful that I am home in the evenings and do get to to see him even if it's only for a couple of hours.

It's hard seeing our friends take vacations too knowing we can't go anywhere because of Chris working Saturdays but I have to just keep Germany in mind. I can't wait until fall!

Church and small group have been really important to me during this time because I know I nee to lean on God the most. It's when I feel down that I need Him more but it always takes me a little time to realize that.

Thank you Lord for always taking care of me.

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