Saturday, October 30, 2010

Long Week

This week was a pretty long one. We had a great time in Portland last week visiting with friends and family. But then it was back to the real world.

To make matters worse, I have had a cold for almost 2 weeks now. It started out as just a headache and sore throat, then after three days progressed into a full blown cold. Chris also had some sinus issues going on making him tired as well. Happy Monday!

Then Wednesday as I pulled into the driveway at work my car started acting strange. It wouldn't slow down but started revving up really high and accelerating. It thought maybe the gas pedal was stuck but unfortunately it wasn't as simple as that. Once I got it parked and shut off each time I turned it on it would still rev up really high.

So on Friday we had it towed to a shop where they will look at this this upcoming Monday to figure out what's wrong. Can I just say that I hate car problems! You feel so useless not knowing what is wrong. We're praying for a quick and reasonable fix.

After all the stress of the week being sick and having car problems we had a GREAT Friday night. We headed over to a friends house for a mass game of Settlers of Cataan. we had 3 games going at once during one part of the night. It was a great time and I won my first game! Woot Woot!

Today we took it easy and are headed to church in a couple hours - after missing it the last two weeks. We'll look forward to great worship (as we run the power point) and time with friends that will make this week not seem so bad.

Happy Halloween!

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Amber said...

Hope you're feeling much better, and that the car situation works out! Great pics, btw, of the pumpkinds on the next post. :) Miss you!