Friday, October 22, 2010


This past weekend was our first woman's retreat for our church. It was awesome! We had great fellowship, yummy food, wonderful speakers, and a beautiful setting where it all took place. Last Friday we all headed up to Ross Point Camp in Post Falls, Idaho for a wonderful weekend.

There were about 42 women there! Pretty amazing turnout for our first ever retreat. It was great hangout with friends I've already made through church and also get to meet new people too. Since we have two campuses (one Saturday night & one Sunday morning) it is sometimes hard to keep up with new people because you don't see them very often depending on what service you all go too. Chris and I tend to jump around because of our schedules so we end up seeing a lot of new people.

Our speakers were awesome. We learned about inner beauty, friendship & hospitality, forgiveness as well as the armor of God. And the best part was that all the speakers except one go to our church. So it's great that we can still learn from them down the road. I thought they all did a great job of teaching us, sharing their own lives, and being vulnerable.

My friend Jessica and I put together a small prayer journey for the women to participate in as well. We thought it turned out so well. We really just starting thinking of ideas off of the theme of retreat: What's Your Story? God really took it from there and starting giving us so much inspiration. A prayer journey is similar to a prayer walk but more interactive. We had six different stations with 'activities' to do at each station - verses to read, questions to answer, and things like that. We heard form a lot of women how they really enjoyed it. Both Jessica and I had been through a couple before so we had a basic idea but like I said God really gave us the inspiration and I think it was the perfect fit to our weekend.

The camp was beautiful! It was right along the Spokane River and it was so peaceful and quiet in the mornings. I love being in the tall trees also. Most of us stayed in cabins but they also had rooms where you had maid service each day and you could be by yourself or with one roommate. I thought it was great there was so much flexibility.

I think one of my favorite parts of retreat was the drive up & back!! So funny but I go to ride with a good friend as well as a new friend. Someone I knew of but hadn't formally met. It was great to get to know both of them better and share our lives together during the 3 hour drive. A good bonding time.

Even though it's just been a week since we got home I'm already excited to help plan next year's retreat!

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Ruhiyyih Rose said...

That was an awesome drive! So much FUN! Thanks for driving us :)

Have a great weekend, Carla!