Saturday, April 02, 2011

MS Walk Recap

Today was the MS Walk. It was sunny - no rain as predicted - but W-I-N-D-Y! I cannot explain to you how sick of the wind I am. It's ridiculous. I'm thinking about vacating the Tri-Cities if it doesn't stop - wish I could do that. I would find someplace calm just for the day and soak up the sun and springtime without my hair being blown swirling around my head.

Well besides that fact, we had a great time. We joined team J-Lu as we did last year. My friend Hailey works with these ladies and one lady at their office has MS. So she is their team champion. Chris and I both raised over $100 each so we got great MS Walk t-shirts to wear throughout this year. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Our 4 mile walk was done in almost exactly 2 hours. Along the way we enjoyed seeing everyone's team outfits and shirts, had some yummy bbq pork jerky - delicious - and enjoyed the blue Columbia River. After the walk we had a hot dog lunch and then stuck around for the raffle drawings. I won (2nd year in a row) a DQ ice cream cake! Sweet! Especially since my friend now decorates cakes at the DQ near our house. I will save it for a special occasion.

Here are some pics of the day:
Team J-Lu is set-up and ready to beat MS:

Got our beads on and ready to go:

Getting close to the finish - blue bridge in sight.

We are almost done! And wind blown.

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