Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cake Decorating Week 2

Well I reached Week 2 of cake decorating. This time we got to practice frosting a real cake. Which means making a real cake! Which I let Chris do for me while I was at women's retreat. Thanks honey!

At class we practiced cutting our cake, filling the cake, and finally frosting & decorating the cake. Now the mystery is this: my cake and two other girls sitting next to me (on the same side of the class) were not able to smooth out our frosting because it did not dry! To smooth you use parchment paper and a spatula to make your frosting look nice. Almost like fondant if you smooth it enough.

So we waited and waited but had to start decorating our cakes while skipping that part. We did the best we could and it didn't turn out to bad. And it must have tasted good too - just ask my co-workers!

Here it is: Week 2 Cupcake Cake

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