Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cake Decorating Week 3: Cupcakes

This week was probably my favorite yet of cake decorating. And since next week we have to decorate an entire cake again it will probably remain my favorite.

Cupcakes are so much fun to decorate because each one is it's own individual template so you just have to think about making a single cupcake look nice before moving on to the next. Cakes require more planning.

We learned flower techniques and used a lot of different frosting tips. Our teacher goes really fast while showing us the different techniques so my favorite part of class is when we get to practice because it's more relaxing. We learned how to do shaggy mums and pom pom flowers and then got to practice.

Here are the results. I'm sure they tasted good as well but I'm trying to refrain!


Bird said...

Silas and I were reading your blog, and as soon as he saw your cupcakes, he said, "Yum yum. I eat them all up!"

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

You have done an amazing job with this class! They are so cute - and look really really yummy...