Tuesday, October 23, 2012

19 Weeks

It's hard to believe that I am almost halfway through this pregnancy! I feel like time has flown by since we have shared the news with friends & family. There is still so much to think about. I got an e-mail from Target yesterday about baby sale and started looking at strollers, car seats, cribs, bassinets and quickly was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and the cost of equipping your baby! I am thinking that most of our Christmas gift we ask for this year will be dedicated to baby essentials.

Our good friend is a wonderful photographer - you can visit her website here.www.photosbylaurapasma.com. Last weekend she had mini-photo sessions which is basically a 20 minute photo session at a really great price. I had thought about doing one last year but we were out of town on the weekend she held them. So I was so excited when we were available this year. We have not had our pictures taken professionally since our wedding day and it's been 5 years so I figured it was time - plus I definitely have a baby bump now and I thought it would be fun to incorporate that as well.

They were in outside in an orchard and the sun was starting to set just as we arrived which made the lighting really great. That is one reason I love her photos -she captures the light so well. I am so excited to hang some of these photos in the nursery and share with family for Christmas.

Here is a peek at my 19 week baby bump!


Catie said...

You have such a cute baby bump, Carla! You are a beautiful pregnant woman.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

Great photos! Yes, you will be overwhelmed by all things for baby from now on...we sure are! We are hitting up Craigslist for a lot of items to save money. That, and Grandma :)