Friday, February 09, 2007


I have not posted in awhile and I don't want people to start getting the impression that I am not going to use my blog. It's just that I haven't had anything that exciting happen in the past couple weeks so I'm not sure what to write about. So here are some tidbits from my life.

February is a month of transition here in Portland. My roommate and I are going our seperate directions (makes it sound like we're getting a divorce....). She has decided to move back to WA and I will stay here in Portland until the end of June.

I'm so excited to move to the Flanders house at the end of the month. It's such a cute house and althought I'm sad Steph will be moving out (which is why I can move in), I know it it will be fun living with Erin & Staci! :) However, I have not started packing yet, it seems so daunting. I know that I will end up just doing in in a hurry and then regretting that fact when I can't find
half the stuff I need once I move. But right now, OH WELL! :)
Staci just had surgery Monday and I am glad to say she is recovering well. Her mom was able to come out for the surgery and she has a friend staying with her at her house this week to help do things for her. Hopefully she will have a speedy recovery and be able to start driving again. (She tore her ACL so she had surgery to repair it. Ouch).
On another note, wedding planning is coming along. I sat down with a friend yesterday who was so great and helped me take control of and organize my thoughts as to what I need to do next and what things need to get done when Chris and I are both home together in March over his spring break. My dress is being paid for and I should have it by March - how exciting! As I am now in the place of planning a wedding, I have so much admiration for all my friends who I saw go through this process. If you are married, think back to when you planned your wedding and remember how much time and energy went into it. If you aren't married, imagine throwing yourself the biggest party EVER with all your friends and family involved. You decide what you will be worn, what will be eaten, what activities will take place, where the gifts will come from, and so much more.
The best idea I have heard so far is from my friend Kerri (not married) during a lunch conversation yesterday. She said, "I think after my wedding I'll have a BBQ, everyone can bring a change of clothes, including me, and we'll just eat, talk, and play games!" What a great idea!
Well, that's all the tidbits for now. Have a great weekend!

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Paul and Linnea said...

Wow, you're busy! Moving does that to a person, I suppose. :)

Good job on the planning! it takes time, but plan before you plan like you're doing, and it's much better.

As for the BBQ idea, I think that's why some couples decide to have a morning-after brunch. I was so beat after the wedding, I just wanted to relax and savor the memories with the one person I made those memories with. Just my opinion, but a more relaxing party is a great idea. Most of the time, one never gets to talk to the couple anyway. :(

How's the nursing patient?