Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer Goodbyes

Today is the first day of June. I cannot believe it. How fast the last month has gone - how fast the last 9 months have gone.

Things are changing here in Portland. The start of summer marks the start of summer projects, training, seminary classes, trips overseas, support raising trips, and maybe a little vacation for those in the CCC world. These past few weeks the number of people in the office has been slowly dropping off as those with summer plans prepare and leave town.

I feel like I'm sitting here watching it all happen around me while I stick around. It's hard to see people go and realize that the next time I will see them will not be until July in Colorado - where there will be a ton of people and not a great amount of time to hang out and connect. And after that............who knows.

My internship is coming to an end and I feel like it's not a very exciting one. No going out with a big bang, big party, or anything. In a few weeks, I will probably be the only one left in Portland and then soon I will be moving home as well. I'm so glad for the chance to go to Colorado and connect with these friends one more time before my life changes in a big way. But in the moment it's sad to see people go. Saying goodbye is always hard to do and sometimes I find myself wishing it were September again and I could live this past year over.

What would I do? Build a few more relationships, connect with a few more people, go to a few more LOST parties, who knows what. But I cannot and I am thankful for the experiences I've had and the friendships that have been started - hopefully to carry on throughout life.

My comforting thought is that these dear friends are part of a larger family in Christ and that means we'll never have to say goodbye for eternity! What a joy to look forward to.

So here's to the last year in Portland - to those who I can now count as friends!
Old picture but most complete one I have of our Regional Office & the people I love!

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