Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Apartment

Here are pictures of our first apartment in's small but we like it and it fits us for now.

1. Our living room as seen from our back door which we use as our main door because it's a straight shot to the parking lot from there. 2. Our dining room (or the other side of the living room) as seen from our front door.

3. Kitchen - it's very small and narrow but somehow all our new appliances and gadgets fit into it and we manage to survive still! :)

4. And finally, the bedroom, which is larger then we thought it would be and very nice. It has a huge closet as well as some shelves in the closet which are nice for storage. We don't have much up on the walls but that's ok. We'll add to our collection.
It's been fun to settle into this new apartment together and set up a house. Although we are only in it for a short time, it is definitely starting to feel like home. We both are enjoying it very much.


Linnea said...

I can finally picture what it looks like!! Looks great, by the way. I kinda like that yellow wall, even if it is yellow. :)

Staci said...

Love your new apartment! cute! And i knew Jennifer gave you that sunset painting! i thought that's what it was - i told her you really liked it :)

hey - i'm in the basement room now, where you were in our house...i think it's going to be alright, i bought some curtains and added extra light down there so it's brighter.

hope to chat soon, miss you friend. :)