Saturday, March 15, 2008

March Maddness

I would not call myself a huge sports fan but I do enjoy watching my high school team or the Mariners in person and on TV. However, I was never much of a basketball fan. I always thought it was kind of boring. But being married, with Chris enjoying so many sports, I have caugh the March Madness fever.
This year we have had the opportunity to go to most of the Cougar home basketball games and it's always fun to watch your home team in person. But today as the divisions gear up for "Selection Sunday", it's been fun to watch the college teams around the country battle it out for the chance at their division title and a better standing in the NCAA tourney for the National Title.
It's so exciting to see how hard these guys play and how may close games there have been today. This morning we saw UNC beat Virginia Tech in the final seconds of the game when Virginia Tech thought they had an upset in the bag. And now, we are rooting hard for Standford to beat UCLA and win the Pac-10 title because we hate Kevin Love.
Of course watching all the other basketball teams play, we are ultimately hoping that WSU will get a place in the NCAA tournament and another shot to prove they are a team to be reckoned with.


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