Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Dry Spell

Winter has come to the Columbia Basin. I can tell because my skin is so DRY that I cannot do enough to keep it moisturized. Part of the problem is that I really enjoy hot showers and I also stay in way too long.
But I can always tell when the seasons are changing by my skin. This week it has been so itchy and I feel as though I put lotion on every hour. So I'll settle in for these few long months until spring returns and brings with it some extra moisture in the air.
Until then, any ideas for a good lotion that's not outrageously expensive?

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Linnea said...

Aveeno really takes the cake. But I've found that baby oil lotion works great for places like legs and arms that aren't exposed (and therefore won't grease up everything they touch). I'm having the same problem. I itch until I bleed, and it feels so good.