Friday, April 03, 2009

Finally Friday!

I was inspired by a friends post to update you on my busy week in the form of Facebook status updates. Because it is fun to talk about yourself in the third person - as long as it doesn't become a permanent habit. So here goes....

Carla is psyching herself up for 84 check-ins at work today. To give you reference for how many that is, our hotel only has 120 rooms.

Carla is so excited for a REAL weekend but realizing is will be extremely busy because of all the stuff I want and need to do!

Carla is dreading going to the grocery store on the weekend but glad that Chris likes shopping with her.

Carla is doing an MS walk tomorrow. I heard about it through work and decided to finally register this last Wednesday. Hopefully the weather is nice.

Carla is excited that Chris gets paid in advance with his new job. Kind of a strange concept but we didn't have to wait until April 15th for his first paycheck. It came March 31st!!

Carla was encouraged at work this week by an extremely kind comment a guest passed along about her. The guest even remembered her name.

Carla is thinking there is a huge curve ball coming her way on LOST because the show is actually starting to make some sense to her now....

Carla is trying to brainstorm good crockpot meals I can make for Chris so he can have a nice dinner while I'm at work. What's your favorite?

Carla still likes status updates on Facebook but not how they look the same as wall posts.

Carla hopes you have a good weekend and can make sense of her week through status updates.

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Bird said...

I have a good taco soup recipe I'll send your way.