Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Sunburns!

This last Saturday was so beautiful and warm. My friend and I decided to take advantage and sit out by the pool at our apartment complex (since we've had bad luck searching for rental houses we are probably going to stay here for the summer so the pool is our one advantage to that plan).

Anyways, the pool was a bit brisk seeing as how it hadn't seen much sun and had a chance to warm up yet so after sticking my feet in we decided to just relax in our lovely lounge chairs!

Well bring on the sunburn! We both applied sunscreen but why is it you always forget to reapply in time? The damage was done.

When we saw each other at church later that night we both discovered we had gotten progressivly redder after leaving the pool. Time for the aloe vera gel! It's the summertime sunburn.

Although I got sunburned a few weeks ago at a BBQ, I'm not counting that because it was gone by the next day. This one is sticking around. Next time I'm grabbing the SPF 50!

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