Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Customer Disatisfaction

In my last blog post I told you we had to take our computer in the shop because the screen back-light was going out. Well it turned out to be much more expensive then we thought to fix so we decided to just convert it into a desktop and use an extra screen Chris has.

So yesterday Chris goes to pick it up and they had not put the computer back together. They do charge you upfront for one hour of service to diagnose. But we had decided and told them over the phone our plan and they even acknowledged in their summary that it would work with an external display.

Needless to say we were not very happy when they told Chris they would charge us another hour of work to put it back together. We don't know how to put it together and they should have returned it back to us in the condition we gave it to them in.

Chris went back today and heard the same answer so he is going back tomorrow to talk to a manager and see if we can get it put back together for free or at least a reduced rate. We can't afford to have it fixed right now and it would be less expensive to just buy a new computer but we need to save up. I hope they understand and can work with us.

We are borrowing a computer from Chris' work right now but it's tiny and I miss the mac.....:(

Where has customer service gone?

When we finally do get a computer back or perhaps find a Mac to borrow I'll upload some pictures I want to share with you. Until then I hope your customer services experiences are better then ours.

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