Friday, November 19, 2010


Sorry for that last post. It was written mostly out of frustration - not just about the computer but the midst of a busy week as well. We still don't have our computer back but we are able to borrow a computer from Chris' work that no one is using during the slow season.

I cannot believe it's another Friday already. No matter how slow the week feels it always does go by fast.

Last weekend was a great one and I wanted to share about it but never sat down to write this week. Now's the time.

We started a class at our church that is on Saturday mornings from (gulp) 7:30-9:30 for 13 weeks - thankfully skipping Christmas & New Years! We are calling it 'Discipleship Bootcamp' and after the first week I think it will be a huge benefit to all those who take it.

Back in college, being involved with Campus Crusade for Christ meant learning A LOT about becoming a disciple of Christ and how to disciple others. And really Crusade knows what they're doing. They've got it down and it works. Lots of people are able to be discipled and it turn they and grow in their faith and it multiplies. It's great to see it work in person.

But when you start getting involved in your local church it can be harder to find that kind of multiplication going on. There are lots of ways to get involved but sometimes I have felt that discipleship has been left out.

Our first week of bootcamp started out just talking about what it meant to follow Christ and learning a few Greek words and it was awesome. It really ignited my passion for learning and teaching others again. Lately I've been too lax in my walk with God and I am hopeful that this class will help get me on the right track again.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the class holds and how it takes our church by storm. I really think it is fundamental as our church grows and brings new people in all the time. We want these new people to not just come to church but grow and go out to their neighborhoods, workplaces, even the world to see more people come to Christ.

So is it worth getting up earlier on a Saturday then I do for work? Definitely!

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