Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Progress Update

Well we have been going to the gym on a regular basis for about 2 weeks now. It's getting hard! I just want to sit at home most nights and relax after work. I need to start looking at working out as relaxing.

I've had two workouts with my personal trainer. The first one was mostly an orientation and I did a few exercises. This last time was a full workout - an hour of weight workouts. My arms are so sore I don't even want to wash my hair in the shower! But it's a good pain because I know my muscles are growing.

In addition to the weight workouts, we are also doing cardio twice a week. Once for fat burning and once for a full cardio workout to strengthen our hearts and lungs. Monday night we went to the gym right after work and I was looking forward to doing lower cardio - just walking on the treadmill. But all the machines were full - because it's the busiest time of the day. So we looked around for awhile and decided we would leave and come back. But our trainer caught us.....I was so embarrassed. He thought we were just he made us get on the stair stepper. Talk about H-A-R-D! Intense for sure. I thought my calves were going to crumble.

In addition to all the working out, we are also logging our food. After about a week of doing this, I realize that I don't really eat more calories then I should - I just eat more carbs and fat then I should. But it's been a challenge to add more protein to our meals every night. Besides eating chicken for every meal - I've been challenged to find more protein rich foods. Any recipes out there anyone?

Overall it's been good for us. It's nice to have a partner to workout with and log food with so we can keep each other accountable. And Chris has already lost 1 1/2 lbs! Sweet!


Anonymous said...

I used to do the stair stepper a lot when I had my gym membership. I could never go longer than 20 minutes or so (and I was afraid of my already large calves becoming even larger). There was this one little old lady who had stick legs (really, she was tiny), and she used to do the stair stepper for over an hour!!!! It was incredible. I don't know how she did it.

A few food suggestions - fat free cottage cheese with fruit is my favorite breakfast right now. You can get sugar free fruit cups that are ready to go and it's a yummy way to start your day! Also, I found "carb balance" tortillas at Winco and I think they taste better than normal tortillas. They are fluffier - I don't know how but they are. And they have more fiber (I would have to check the protein) and less carbs than regular tortillas.

I'm impressed you are using a personal trainer! That's amazing. :-) I need to workout more. Or do something. Maybe I will have to talk to you about this gym membership you have...

Bird said...

Adding protein's a struggle, for sure.

I have a lentil taco recipe that's tasty, also a recipe for Tikka Masala (a sweet/hot-not too hot) Indian dish that can be made with chicken or lentils.

Try using hummus for dips (super easy to make), and lowfat cottage cheese instead of dressing for salads.

Nuts are a good protein snack too. :)

Way to go Chris (and you)!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

You go girl! What an achievement. Take it one day at a time...that is a great thing :)