Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ski Adventures

Well were survived our ski weekend! We had a great time visiting relatives and skiing in Rossland, BC at Red Mountain.

We started our adventure on Thursday night by driving to Spokane - which is about the halfway point - and stayed with Dusty & Erin. It was nice to catch up with them although our time was short.

Friday morning we headed toward the border. It was nice weather for driving - sunny and blue skies. We arrived in Rossland around noon but didn't hit the ski hill that day because the lifts close at 3pm. We hung out with my aunt and went into town to visit a few shops and have lunch. Rossland has a really cute downtown area and although it was cold, we enjoyed walking around.

Saturday it was time to ski! Since we hadn't been in awhile we just bought tickets to a lift that goes halfway up the mountain - it was less expensive too. My major fall of the weekend came the first ride up the chairlift. You need to have good balance to get off and I didn't so my tailbone is still a bit sore but it's feeling better. We went down quite a few runs and my aunt really helped me remember my form in skiing and how to make good turns.

Sunday we bought tickets to go all the way to the top of the mountain. It was so high but a beautiful view and lots of snow. We ended up doing a couple runs on top and then skiing all the way down. Boy was that a long trip - it made my legs so tired! Sunday afternoon we headed back to Spokane and slept very well that night before heading home Monday.

It was a great weekend. Still have to upload pictures so those will come soon! How did you enjoy your long weekend (if you had one)?

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