Wednesday, March 02, 2011


My lack of posts recently is a due to a lack of computers! We were borrowing a small laptop and a MAC from Chris' office but he had to return the MAC. We had our external hard drive plugged into it so I could upload pictures and fun things like that. So I have plenty of pictures that I would like to post but have not uploaded them yet.

I can upload them onto the small laptop but I just like having all my pictures in one place.

Also we've been a little busy (who isn't). Between workouts, church, bible study, and bowling I just haven't been blogging.

Yes I've been bowling twice in this last week. We went on Sunday with our bible study and then I went again Monday night for work as we had a team for a Junior Achievement fundraiser. It was really fun - but my arm is a little sore now.

And here we are to Wednesday! And March. Where did February go? Out into the weather I suspect. But I am glad that we are getting closer to spring going here. I could do for a good dose of warm sunshine.

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