Sunday, March 06, 2011


Last Sunday after we got home from bowling with our small group Chris suggested pulling out a puzzle to put together. We haven't done that in a long time. Our old coffee table was too small and our dining table was always covered in papers and such (probably why we rarely eat there as well).

So we pulled one out that we received for Christmas of Martin Stadium at WSU. We had that completed in about 4 days so we pulled out a second. A smaller Thomas Kinkade puzzle. The pieces were larger so it only took us about 3 days for that one (mind you during the week, where we only worked on it at night).

And finally a few days ago we pulled out a third puzzle which has T-I-N-Y pieces and it said to be the world's smallest puzzle. I think this one will take awhile.

I have been chronicling the puzzles on film but as I mentioned in the last post I have yet to upload any pictures. Hopefully soon!

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Anonymous said...

We have the puzzle bug at our house too. Our purpose to see if our puzzles have all of their pieces as we re-organzie our game cupboard. Your Mom and Aunt Marilee helped us finish one this weekend.

Favorite Aunt