Wednesday, January 04, 2012

NYE Minute to Win It!

We spent New Year's in Spokane at our friend's house. Dusty and Erin are great friends and great party planners. Last year we had a great (but frigid) time snowmobiling, sledding, and gathering around the bonfire on New Year's Eve. Well this year there was no snow so there had to be a Plan B. So Dusty & Erin came up with a fun alternative. They gathered all their great household supplies and we played 2 hours worth of Minute to Win It games.

If you have never seen the show - Minute to Win It gives contestants the opportunity to win money by playing silly games using everyday household products. For instance the first game we played required the player to move an egg across the room using only a pizza box as a fan. So you get the idea. Quite entertaining!!

Overall it was a great night and a great weekend spent in Spokane.

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