Sunday, June 14, 2015

Every 6 Months or So...

Time for my semi annual blog update! It seems I only get to this blog every 6 months or so. At least I'm fairly consistent.

We have had a fun and busy spring and beginning to summer. In February, Benjamin celebrated his 2nd birthday. We just had a queit party at home with grandparents and that was nice.

We took a fun trip over to Western Washington for the tulip festival. I'm so glad we went. I've talked about it for a long time but we never actually went over.

Benjamin did pretty well despite never getting a good nap in all weekend. He mostly napped in the car. We did have one almost pretty bad meltdown at a restaurant but I don't blame him since it took FOREVER for our food to come and it was already running into nap time.

We've also enjoyed going to the park as the weather has warmed up (before it's started being to HOT for this preggo lady) and spending time with friends and family.

Here are some pictures from our last 6 months of adventures.

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