Tuesday, July 28, 2015

36 Weeks!

I cannot believe it is the last month of my pregnancy. I have reached a new milestone - 36 weeks and 2 days.

With Benjamin I was induced at 36 weeks and he was born the following day so I have never been pregnant this long.

I had a Dr's appointment today and my blood pressure was great! It had been a little bit high so I had to have some extra labwork done over the past couple of weeks. Every day I am pregnant I consider a blessing and I can only hope the outcome of this pregnancy is not inducement but baby coming on their own timing.

Plus I am thankful I have more time to get ready. I ordered some things from my registry that I was hoping to get such as muslin swaddle blankets and of course lanolin for breastfeeding. :) We have the pack n play with bassinet & changing table set up in our room and just need to move in a small dresser for newborn clothes.

We are talking to Benjamin about how he has to give his soothies (pacifiers) to the baby once the baby comes. Let's just hope it goes smoothly when he actually has to do it and that we stay strong!!

Now he only other thing that would make the end of my pregnancy great is if the weather would stay cooler. Unfortunately that is not in the forecast...ugh.

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