Thursday, September 14, 2006

My First Meme

Three nicknames— Carlita, Car, Carlotta (car-low-ta)

Three people that make me laugh— my roommate Tiffany, Anne Jaca, Chris Friberg

Three things that I love— Jesus, the beach, traveling to new places

Three things I hate— second-hand smoke, people who don't listen/talk over you, road construction in the city

Three things I don't understand—computers, where all these cars on the road come from every day, why plane flights are so darn expensive when you're not even going that far

Three things on my floor— a box of 500 clean seal envelopes, dust, a neck wrap

Three things I am doing right now— looking up addresses for prayer letters, watching Jay Leno, wishing that winter was not coming so fast

Three things I can do— hang pictures, take pictures, make fun dinners with new recipies

Three ways to describe my personality— shy but outgoing, silly but serious, obsessive compulsive tendencies (I like organization and cleanlines!!)

Three favorite foods— anything with pasta and cheese together, fresh fruit, tacos and spanish rice made at home by my mom

Three foods I do not like— onions, mushrooms, cilantro

Three beverages I drink regularly— H2O, Milk, Coffee

Three shows I watch— my roommate and I are starting our new schedule next week:
Tuesday-Gilmore Girls
Wednesday-One Tree Hill
Thursday - Grey's Anatomy
We shall see how long it lasts....................

I will tag Vessel of Light next!

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Jess said...

I love that you have a blog! This is exciting... :-)