Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cell Phone Manners

This is the post where I get to vent my frustration at working on the service industry. Working at the front desk of a hotel is overall, fun and interesting. I get to meet a lot of people and learn how interesting many people's lives are (or aren't in some cases...).

But sometimes there is the occasional frustration with people's manners. One of the worst, for instance, are the people who come into the hotel on their cell phones. Now I understand that busines is important and you need to get it done but it's not like you could put the person on hold or call them back a mere 5 minutes later.

It just doesn't feel good to be trying to check a guest in and be polite when the entire time they are completely ignoring you and just wish you would give them their room keys so they can get on with their stay. It is becoming a more and more common experience to see people talking on their cell phones - whether at the hotel, in Starbucks, or even the grocery store line.

So the next time your cell phone rings and you are in line think about the person giving you the service you are waiting for. They probably want to be acknowledged in some way for helping you out!


Linnea said...

I agree with your sediments. Try taking a patient history with a squirming dog or yowling cat in the background, and an owner on the phone for business! What excitement! ;)

Kerri said...

Carla! Praying for you as you continue to adjust. I like reading about your adjustments to life, job, living, etc. Miss you!

Adrienne said...

Love it!!! Did you ever read the "customer service" entry that Travis wrote on our blog?? It was hilarious to read (and I was there). I think customer service is a dying thing... although it shouldn't be! I hope marriage and life is treating you well!

Auntie Em said...


I was thinking of this blog last Sunday in the fabric store. The customer in front of me was on her cell phone and the clerk just kind of rolled her eyes at me as she was trying to wait on this woman.
Then I went to Freddie's and everywhere I looked someone was on their cell phone as they shopped.