Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Travel Tip #475

In honor of my job working at a hotel, I am going to start offering to you Travel Tips based on real life experiences of guests I encounter.

Travel Tip #475:

If you call down to the front desk using your cell phone because you believe your room phone is not working please listen to what the front desk person says about testing your phone to make sure it works before a replacement is sent up.

Guest: My phone is not working, there is no dial tone and I need a wake-up call tomorrow.
Me: Are pressing down Line 1 or Line 2 when you pick up the phone to make a call?
Guest: Yes, there is no dial tone, can you bring me a new phone?
Me: Ok, I'll bring you a new phone so you can have your wake-up call. (thinking why doesn't he use his cell phone alarm, but whatever).

So I go to a vacant room and test the phone in there. I press Line 1 and Line 2 and get dial tones. So I unplug that phone and bring it up to the guests room whose phone is not working.

I get up to the room and before I unplug his phone decide to test it to see if I can figure out what is wrong. He says he doesn't know if it's the phone or the line. So I pick up the receiver press Line 1 and wouldn't you know it - A DIAL TONE! Amazing.

He looks at me practically in disbelief and says "How did you get it to do that?" I wanted to laugh at him but thankfully I just explained again how you press Line 1 or Line 2 for the dial tone and went back to my job.

I guess sometimes you're just too tired or too busy to listen when someone talks to you!


Jess said...

I love it! You are a patient person. Kind of like "help desk guy" patient (I hear a lot of similar stories from our tech help guy at work). There are a lot of clueless people out there...I'm proud of you for not laughing or giving him a hard time. :-)

Carla's Customer service: A+
Customer: Needs Improvement!!!!

Bird said...

You're doing great! I don't think I could do it without laughing. :)

Snow White said...

In response to your question about the Chicken Parm... mine sometimes burns around the edges too (sometimes it depends on how full my crockpot is and how close the chicken is to the edge rather than just the sauce) -- try cooking it longer on low... and I also tend to watch mine and turn if off before it burns. Sorry that it burned -- hope the rest was still tasty.

J-ME said...

you are so funny! I love reading your blog becuase you update it so often and well, you are hilarious! Hope you have a great day. I am doin the yard sale thing with Amy today.