Sunday, December 26, 2010


One of my favorite days in Germany was riding the train to Heidelberg. It was about a 2 hour train ride with lots of stops. Boy a lot of people ride the train too and commute for work I believe. We had to transfer trains once and that involved running up one flight of stairs and down another to get to a different platform! Very crowded and those commuters sure know what they're doing! I'm glad I don't have to do that every day.

Once in Heidelberg we talked to a lady at the train station who told us how to get around town. We mainly wanted to visit the castle so she sold us our tickets for the bus and tram up to the castle. We rode the bus to the castle and were amused when the castle stop was not only announced in German but also English for all the tourists who visit. The castle is up on a hill overlooking the city and the view was just beautiful. It was snowing when we first arrived but after touring around the castle the sun came out and everything looked so beautiful. We took all the same pictures again because it looked so pretty with the snow and sunlight together.

Heidelberg had 6 Christmas markets and I think we wandered through all of them. Most were fairly small - only 5 or 6 booths. But it was fun way to see the town and pedestrian area.

One thing I really loved about that city was the colors. All the buildings were so colorful. I really enjoyed that about Europe overall. I feel like in America sometimes we can be too bland with our buildings. They might look nice but sometimes they need a splash of color.

It was also beautiful with the Neckar River running through the city. We even saw swans in the river!

Overall the castle won out as my favorite part. The views from it were just amazing. And the architecture was neat too. It was fun imagining all that has gone on there over the years. And I was so glad we decided to ride the train. It made our Heidelberg adventure that much better.

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