Sunday, March 18, 2012

MS Walk

It's that time of year again. Spring is coming and that means joining the annual MS Walk the 2nd weekend of April. The first year we moved here some people at work talked about setting up a team to do the Walk for MS as part of our 'Good Neighbor' program where we do community events. Well it turned out that I was the only one who registered as no one else could make it that day. So I turned out to the MS Walk expecting to walk along only to a see a friend in the crowd.

MS Walk 2009

I 'joined' her team for that walk and the last two years Chris and I have joined Team J-Lu as they support MS.
MS Walk 2010

MS Walk 2011

This will be our fourth year doing walking. It means something to us as Chris' half-sister has MS and she is doing well with mediation but we know that many people aren't and need help and hopefully better treatment and a cure. There are so many great causes out there to support but if you are personally connected it means so much more. Plus it's also a fun event - a four mile walk along the river in Kennewick with great views and good friends. The past two years it has been chilly - we are really hoping for nice weather this year. And it's fun to see all the participants donating their time & energy early on a Saturday morning.

If you are interested in supporting us here is a link to our team page. Just click on team page. You can donate to our team or click on mine or Chris' name to donate to us personally. We always compete to see who can raise the most money so I won't mind if you give more to me! Thanks for your support. I hope you to look for ways to support good causes in your community.

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