Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day!

I can't believe is is the start of the Labor Day weekend. It marks the end of Chris having to work Saturdays and the start of his big slow-down to winter. Every year once Memorial Day hits and he starts working 10 hour days six days a week I think Labor Day will never come! But it's here!

He (lucky duck) has a four day weekend! So after work today we will pack to leave for camping tomorrow. Our first camping trip of the year - ha! We are actually going camping twice this year - a record for us. I think we need to learn how to camp in the springtime. At least our tent is still in great shape having been using probably 3 times in the 5 years we have owned it.

We are headed up to the Grand Coulee area. Not exactly prime camping location but I have always wanted to take Chris there because it's where my dad grew up. My aunt and uncle still live there and it's usually a pretty busy place during the summer. So I figured why not camp - it will be an adventure.

What are your Labor Day plans?

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