Monday, June 30, 2014

Summertime Fun!

Some pictures of our summertime fun. Benjamin is getting more independent and learning to do things on his own. He likes to practice eating with a spoon - which usually involves me feeding him a fruit/veggie pouch and squeezing it on the spoon for him to put in his mouth. His accuracy is about 50% - 1/2 in his mouth and 1/2 on the bib.

I also have been making him smoothies to get some extra vegetable nutrition into him - since he doesn't like to eat a lot of raw or steamed veggies. I have tried different cups for him to drink out of. Smoothies are too thick for sippy cups and straw cups are too hard to drink out of I have found. They all have a mechanism which prevents the liquid from running out of the straw if the cup is tipped over which means baby has to bite and suck at the same time to get anything out.

So I gave him the rest of his smoothie is a plain cup. He did pretty well but he wasn't sure when to tip the cup up to stop the flow so he ended up with about 25% in his mouth and 75% on the bib and/or his face.

And tonight when I was giving him applesauce on the spoon he wanted to stick his spoon in the dish. So I set the dish on his tray and he immediately stuck his hand on it and then sucked the applesauce off his hand!

Oh the adventures of an independent least he can always have a bath right?

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